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We will endeavour to give you, the Ghanaian the forum to make a positive contribution geared towards moving Ghana forward. We want you to feel very special since you have the power to make governments and unmake governments in any democratic dispensation. With this power, why should you ever see yourself marginalized in the distribution of our national cake? This is your time, this is your forum lets get down by bringing our views since it is the only way we can achieve any better Ghana. Our motto is to make your views heard.

Our Aim, Goal and Objectives

What is our aim, why “Ghanamindset”?

Ghana is the first country south of the Sahara to be granted independence by the British colonialist and to be independent for well over 56 years, one expects that since fifty years in the life of a person is very long a time, there are basic things and necessities the citizens in Ghana should be taking for granted. If after over 50 years our country has not a single national policy  framework but rather we do things on  ad hoc basis, then there is gravely something wrong with our national setup which would need to be changed.

As a nation we expect to have a solid:

  • Land Policy
  • Housing and Environmental Policy

National Health and Welfare Policy

  • National Education Policy
  • National Foreign Policy
  • National Development Policy
  • Internal Affairs, Commercial, Immigration, Customs Policies

Ghana is not any African nation, we are the light bearer of the African continent and we should never as a nation cross our hands and allow selshishness to erode our quest for national development. It is in the light of this that we at  ghanamindset.com or discussghana.com would like to make a positive contribution in the form of intelligent national discussion.


We want to make it possible for the Ghanaian in the remotest part of our country to make a positive contribution to their own lives. They may enjoy the same rights as the person in the city. It is not correct that every Ghanaian may enjoy the same standard of living but if care is taken and there are control systems in the form of check and balances in our government, civil service, public sector and all agencies assigned to work on the well-being and welfare of the Ghanaian, there will be  upliftment in the standard of living of the average Ghanaian. Our goal is that our systems will have control systems that checks and controls the use of state resources.


The day that every Ghanaian will be paid a living wage, workers will have the right to mortgage, that our streets will have lights, the graduates will get jobs to do, the security agencies will police and protect life and property, the  journey from Accra to Kumasi will be just under two  hours on motorable roads, the day our lagoons, rivers and the sea will not be used as public places of convenience. On that day,we at Ghanamindset.com would have made a contribution towards Ghana’s development.

“ It is our Mission, It is our Goal, It is our Objective so get on board and let us  move  Ghana  forward”.