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Prayer For Ghana: “THE 138 VERSUS 30 MILLION”

Dear God,

Our destinies have been tied up by the mindless in Ghana. Papa, logic cannot fathom why representatives we have laboured very hard to educate in our universities, to acquire knowledge and become the beacon of hope and light of our society would be so SELFISH to the extent that they have turned their backs on the very hands that feed them. These are people we ELECT every four years to go to our law making Chamber, the Parliament, to enact laws for the good of society and to enhance our well being and development but, Papa, God, they have turned their backs on the good people of Ghana.

God, I remember that at one point the Israelites frustrated you so much that you said and I quote from the Bible Isaiah 1:3 ” The Ox knows its owner, and the donkey its master’s manger but Israel does not know me” This is the state of affairs in Ghana’s parliament because there are 138 men and women who have vowed that they would rather smile, laugh, rejoice and make merry, sleep in the homes our TAX MONIES pay for and enjoy that type of wicked life as Ghana burns. These are young men and women some of them have never known suffering in life, most of them know only privileged life as you God are aware, MERIT does not count in Ghana so if one takes his time to check the background of all these 138 people I am talking about, one would trace their backgrounds to the connections they have enjoyed from the past. Either their parents worked in the Civil Service, Public Service and business, all these come through connection but not on ones own hard work or merit in some public service pursuit. As a result, when they do things, they do not attach any emotions to it and it is sad.

God but you would ask, why 138 versus 30 million people? Papa it is very simple. As you God are aware, Ghana has a population of 30million people. For administrative purpose so that governance will be close to all the people in an equitable manner, our country has been divided into 275 constituencies to enhance smooth elections to elect representative to our parliament as our mouth piece, to speak on our behalf on matters of interest to us. During the elections of 2020, Ghanaians elected 138 each for the two main political parties. The foundation of my prayer is the fact that as SATAN, your number one adversary brought his COVID19 Pandemic to the fore, governments all over the world are grappling for resources to sustain their citizens. Ghana has borrowed so much in the past because our leaders do not FEAR YOU GOD so even when they borrow, they do not apply the resources for the benefits of society. They LOOK us the citizens in the eyes and they share the monies amongst themselves and their cronies.

You have given us the ability to think in the BOX, you God are progressive and you expect us to be progressive and forward thinkers. In the midst of all that the world is going through and the hardships facing us in Africa, our government has found an African solution to solve African problem but, Papa, this is where you come in. The 138 under their leader who was once our President and knows all the intricacies of government is vehemently opposed to the African solution to solve African problems. Thinking in the BOX, our government thinks that if we LEVY our citizens 1.75% of the transactions they make on their mobiles, instead of cup in hand and going to beg other nations for LOANS, we can raise the resources we need for our development. Papa you have warned us in Galatians 5:19-21 that one day we shall appear before you to account for all the SINS of JEALOUSY, SELFISHNESS, ENVY and that is what is happening now. The 138 opposed to this INNOVATIVE pursuit think that, if they SUPPORTED the policy and the government raises all the monies it requires, Ghana will develop. We will build more hospitals, more schools, more roads, our railways would be expanded ,much needed infrastructural that we lack in Ghana will all be a thing of the past. Our Police Service, our teachers and lecturers, Civil servants, Public servants would receive living wages and our children would have better schools, equipment and uplifted facilities.

Papa God, 138 parliamentarians who are PAID by the government have stood firm unashamed to mount on TV and RADIO stations PREACHING LIES AND PROPAGANDA ABOUT THIS SO WE ARE AT A STANDSTILL. THUS MY PRAYER. You have 30 million of your sons and daughters placed in Ghana. As you are already aware, Ghana is at moment found in Africa, one the artificial six continents devised by mankind for easier administrative purposes and thus to enhance human classification in order for exploitation, control and abuse to thrive, God when you come to this Africa, you would find Ghana on the Western part. We were once controlled by imperialist Europe and we are going to be under their rule for over 400 years. I know you remember very well when you allowed the Israelites to go into slavery in Egypt for 400 years before Moses went to set them free, so we were.

These people from Europe, the Dutch, Danes, Portugal and Britain made sure our self worth eroded and at a point, they turned us into “Commodities”, took us free of charge and sold us as non essential commodities in the Americas and Europe. Today,65 years after they freed us, we are like the CHICKEN placed under a basket for sometime, Even though we have been set free since 1957, we are still cowering and crouching as if we are still covered under the basket.

Why my prayer for Ghana, God? We are deteriorating very fast as citizens of the same country. When the colonialists hurriedly gave us independence, we were not well trained and therefore not suited for taking control of our own affairs. You remember what the Israelites too went through after they had been set free and the events of the wilderness which would take another 40 years for them to accept that they were ready to enter the promised land of Canaan. Papa give Ghanaians the heart to love you but not human leaders. Our love for Ghana has grown cold and there is nobody in Ghana today who shows any love and patriotism for the LAND you gave to us as our inheritance. I pray that all the EDUCATED people in Ghana, those who were educated because they came from a PRIVILEGED background use the knowledge they acquired to help Ghana develop. For a very long time, these privileged people have turned themselves worse than ARMED robbers, they use the PEN to steal, destroy, plunder and enter into various agreements with foreigners to destroy our ECO SYSTEMS.

We are at your mercy, at critical moments in nations lives, you need a few patriotic God fearing people to stand in and pray for the nation and that is what I am doing today. Touch the hearts of the 138 and let them come to their senses and know that Ghana far outweighs, NPP vs NDC after all governance is about service to make a contribution towards building ones nation. It is not about political party building and individual leaders upliftment’s but that of a nation called Ghana. These I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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