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The Day Almighty God “Cried”

Will our Lord God almighty father ever cry? Why will the Lord God almighty, the Creator of the heavens and earth be so sad that in human terms, we would say our LORD was on the verge of shedding tears. Since creation man has willingly and intentionally decided never to listen to our God let alone OBEY him. Obedience his Prophet Samuel told Saul that our God takes greater delight in obedience more than sacrifice 1 Samuel 15:22 which means if humanity had chosen to obey God, it will please him more than our offerings which today has become the number one criterion for being a Christain.

We have always said but why did Adam and Eve disobey God? But we are equally as guilty as they were. The Bible says the Israelites, having been rescued by the STRONG arm of the Lord from 430 years of slavery in Egypt, have settled in the land God promised his servant Abraham, Isaac and especially, Jacob. When they settled, that is taking occupation of Canaan, they forgot all the commandments God gave them through Moses and as it is summed up in Dueteronomy 28. Here God tells them the Blessings and Curses that would befall them if they disobeyed his Commandments,instructions and statutes. Like we are doing in Ghana today where nobody listens to anybody and we have taken upon ourselves as gods and semi gods doing whatever comes into our minds. Our God was disappointed with the Israelites as he is equally with us today.

As the heading of this write up suggests, the behavour of the Israelites has frustrated the Lord so much that on this day, he did not have any more words than to lament on the very people he had scacrificed a lot to bring back to the promised land. In Isaiah 1:2-3, let us listen to the LORD’s frustration:

Isaiah 1: 2-3 (NIV)” Hear me you heavens! Listen, earth! For the LORD has spoken.: “I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me. Vs3 The Ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s manger but Israel (Ghana) does not know, my people do not understand.

How can we treat our God this way?

What wrong has God done to us in Ghana that we have grown so stubborn,selfish,self seeking,disobedient,haters of God and lovers of money? In 1 Timothy 6:10 Paul warns of the extent of EVIL that the LOVE of money brings unto a NATION,Society,Community and the individuals. vs 10:” For the love of money is the root of all KINDS of evil. By craving it,some have wandered from the FAITH and PEIRCED themselves with many griefs” How truthful this is for my beloved Ghana, we are all running after money and it is no longer LEGITIMATE means anymore. The unfortunate part of it all is the fact that, the so called CHRISTIAN country that we claim Ghana to be, most of the pepertrators are CHRISTIANS. The mantra : “As for God when he takes his stone, he delays in throwing it” In effect, we have identified God to be slow to anger but he is very swift in exacting justice. Let us make conscious effort to change our attitude and behaviour towards each other.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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