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Corruption In Ghana,Is It Our Education System or What?

At times I sit and wonder, what does the Ghanaian Education System entails? Does our education system reflects the norms and standards set by UNESCO or ours reflects the wishes of those who wield power in any form in Ghana. Do the framers of curriculum for our institutions make it part of the courses that no matter who you are, once you enter any institution of higher learning, you should come with a “BLIND SIDE” degree called corruption.

From the child born today to the aged, it would be very difficult to get at least ONE THOUSAND men and women who can claim to be corrupt free. Why are we so prone to corruption that you hardly see the difference between Christians and non Christians in a country most of us about 70% are not ashamed to say “WE ARE CHRISTIAN”. Corruption is so embedded and ingrained is us that the least opportunity one gets, you will see them finding ways to their own selfish personal interests to the extent that even if you are an ANGEL, as soon as you pass through the Ghanaian education system you graduate with First Class in corruption. As those who are not fortunate to be educated are saddled with ignorance,diseases,poverty and petty crime in some cases to survive,the privileged educated few are given the licence by our education system, to walk through and come out as “CORRUPT” enlightened men and women with the RIGHT to take whatever they want from the country Ghana.

These people can never be called criminals when they commit a crime, there are so many names they give them which gives credence to my assertion that our schools especially, our secondary and tertiary institutions are the havens for “CORRUPTION incubation and HATCHING” They are called: Embezzled funds,Impropriety,double salary,failure to disclose,Failure to follow procedures………they cannot be identified as criminals just because they have “LEARNED” to use and apple the PEN, their instrument for instigating all the wrong actions against the state.

On the hand are all those who do not know how to use the PEN. Any attempt on their part to break any of the criminal code in Ghana, they are arrested and charged as CRIMINALS and convicted and sentenced to many years in prison. In some cases the crimes they committed would not be even more than ONE HUNDRED Ghana Cedis but they would end up serving more than FIVE to 25 years in Prison. The same country but different rules, one that protects the EDUCATED and the actual law that does not protect the vulnerable, uninhabited,uneducated.

You ask yourself but why? In Ghana, nobody has the answer to the why questions. Where do you go to seek redress? We have none in Ghana. If you are looking for a nation that turns its back on the poor and the underprivileged, I expect Ghana to rank very high.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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