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The Mindless, Ghanaian!

The Ghanaian! Where are they from, where are they going and when do they wish to get there?

The Ghanaian is one of the most complex personalities this world has been graced with. The average Ghanaian is a cross breed of non sophistication and sophistication because they have this unassuming laid back exterior and that endear them to the outsider. They are always smiling and very welcoming which is innately ingrained in them. You can never be around the Ghanaian and ever be sad. They have this compassionate,loving,kind and sympathetic exposure strongly built on empathy and these traits show up easily. It means therefore that, if we were lucky to have had leaders with the foresight to develop our tourism market, the whole world would love visiting Ghana.

That paradox of the Ghanaian is what I have expressed there above. All that I have described above is the garment we wear when we are dealing with anybody who is not a Ghanaian. Our love for anything FOREIGN is our weakest link in our development as a people born to one mother called “Amma Ghanaian” as coined by a renowned Ghanaian musician, Kofi Sammy of Blessed memory and his great Okukuseku Band. The Ghanaian and their love for foreigners is legendry and very worrisome. It is worrisome because if you have 31 million people in a country and any part of the country you go, the citizens care and love a foreigner who in all probability, has not contributed much to the nations independence struggle and their development, then you have a problem.

The problems in Ghana, I am not saying is mainly caused by foreigners but the fact of the matter is that, the Ghanaian would do whatever it takes to shield and protect a “Foreigner” than to expose them when they go against our laws as against their fellow Ghanaian..

At the moment, about 80% of all the crimes committed in Ghana are by foreigners most of them from neighbouring African countries. These 80% use the Ghanaian, who in most cases lead them to the spots they the foreigners had planned to commit a crime. You would think I am twisted in my thinking to say all that I am writing here but they are the facts. Recently the Ghana Police said, the head of all Car Hijacking, the “Car Hijacking lord” is from Cameroun. The Chinese are controlling our LAND. They have seized our land and to the extent that, our forest reserves, reserved over 400 years now are all being turned into desert. God graced us with RIVERS, spread all across the nation but today, the rivers in the Ashanti Region, Eastern Regions and the Western Regions of our land, have been turned into washing basins to feed the Galamsey(Galamsey is the illegal mining go on in all parts of Ghana) that these foreigners are spearheading in Ghana.

You ask yourself, foreigners in your Forest Reserves? Destroying your God given rivers and streams? Cutting down the mainstay of the Ghanaian economy our COCOA CROP. Chopping down our timbers and the land protectors, our Rosewood and anything standing between these parasites and their hunger, thirst and greed for the Ghanaian GOLD deposits. I am not talking of Ghana in the 15th Century when we did not have educated people in Ghana that the Europeans came and took us as slaves. The emancipated Ghanaian and Ghana, where today we have about 60% of educated men and women and about 90% of all these educated people have had training in almost all the parts of the developed world

Oh, I forgot to tell of the hospitable nature of the Ghanaian. Once you are a foreigner and we can satisfy our conscience that whatever you take out from Ghana would not stay in Ghana to satisfy a Ghanaian but would be taken abroad to Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa, we are ready to help you ship it out to benefit your country as against our country. I have a white friend and I told her that if she were to go to Ghana now and show interest in our Jubilee House, the residence of our President with negotiation, she would get us selling it to her. sarcastically, once you are a foreigner not matter your standing in your own country of birth, greasing few palms ,you will get whatever you like and we don’t mind you becoming a master over us.

Gold, the most valuable mineral in the world has been given to us free of charge by God. The foreigner comes in, we lead them to those we pay with our tax moneys to protect our Gold, the Mineral Commission. What do they do? They stay in their offices, look at the map of Ghana and where the charts points that there are mineral deposits, these new visitors who are equally led by a fellow Ghanaian, they exchange pleasantries and Lo and behold, they are granted concessions. These are human beings educated in our finest universities and they know the importance of our land and its minerals but, their masters have called so what do they do? Handover to them whatever our land contains. We have a President, we have all the big people we the SMALL people of Ghana, about 30.9% of our 31million people have elected the President, entrusted with all our LAND and the WEALTH contained therein, with a solemn instruction to hold in trust for us, his appointees who come in all shades and forms, do things behind his back. Even where the President and those wielding power are aware of what is happening, they pretend not to know.

The Ghanaian exterior is what I have described in the introduction and that is for the SHOWPIECE, the drama side of the Ghanaian. You will acclaim the Ghanaian as God fearing and honest on first encounter and as I have enunciated already, if you were to put the true Ghanaian on a scale to weigh against his relationship with his fellow Ghanaian, it is there you see how we co-exist as Ghanaians in our land. This is where you see the true Ghanaian. We call it Ghanaian versus Ghanaian. You dare not CROSS HIM because he is never willing to show you the land he readily showed and led the Chinese to go and get his gold. He will never help you when you are in need fearing that you will one day be better than him financial wise. They are willing to destroy you and take away from you and this is demonstrated in family matters, when one dies without a will. As soon as the funeral is over the so called “HEAD of the family comes and dispossess the widow whatever property her husband left behind. Millions of widows are now destitute because of this. They bring children in this world and they have no responsibility to cater for the child. You never trust anybody and tell them your secrets

The question is where does the Ghanaian come from?

Did God amongst his creation, create the Ghanaian?

Balancing their love for the CHURCH, where 70.7 are Christian as compared to their love for leadership of political parties.

They hold personalities created in the image of God in High esteem than God.

Where is the Ghanaian and their penchant or wickedness, selfishness, personality (idol) worshipping going to?

And When will they get there?

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.


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