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Chief Justice Of Ghana and “Freedom And Justice”

Dear Chief Justice,

Whenever I write, as I like to write to comment on public issues so dear to my heart as they apply to Ghana, how I wish I am writing to government and public servants in the developed world, The UK, USA, Canada,Germany,Australia…..to mention but a few. In those countries, it is the citizen’s right to be heard by public figures but in Ghana, I am yet to know or get receipt or acknowledgement when I have specifically, written to one them.

Ghana’s motto is :Freedom and Justice and I sit and wonder if that applies to all of us as citizens at all. When I follow the British and the USA judiciary system, any matter registered for trial has a time limit when it should be concluded. In murder cases, except in circumstances where it is circumstantial where the probability of conviction would be zero if proper and thorough investigations and evidence are not gathered. But in the case of premeditated crimes, I am not sure they would drag on for more than 21days.

Mr Chief Justice, why is Ghana different? If our motto is freedom and Justice and only the rich gets Justice, what is the judiciary telling the citizens? I want to know if our Judges are not interested in giving us Justice or the Judiciary is just there in name only. We were all in Ghana when the leaked tape of the NDC chairman went to Court, I think it was in Febraury but as I am speaking, there is no movement on the matter. I want to know if the high profile cases are kept under wraps or what. We often hear we are all equal before the law but it looks as if: The Equality before the law applies to people like me and the disadvantage in our society: The poor,the deprived,the uneducated and petty criminals. These people have no standing in our society and often times they have no one to defend them and it is easy to deal with them because whatever happens to them, they are OUTSIDE the nations motto of Freedom and Justice.

I fear for Ghana because the way our Justice system is skewed towards the rich and powerful in our society, a time would come that, they would be so powerful to even think of selling Ghana to the highest bidder to render the unfortunate 31million people of Ghana becoming their slaves. There are so many murders that hardly find their way into the courts. Arsonists are getting away with destruction of public property and assets. Society is becoming bolder and bolder to commit crime and we do not know why are our courts always silent.

Kindly do something about the lukewarm attitute of the prosecutorial arm of the Judiciary.

Thank You.


Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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