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This is Ghanamindset, the website designed purposely to confront  two important things: Revive the “Black Star” spirit in the Ghanaian for the Ghanaian to believe  that they are not the  STAR  of Africa as some have accepted  but rather the  BLACK STAR of whole world. The number two reason is that, the time has come at last for us to RESET our mind. The Colonial Mindset purposely ingrained in us by those colonial, imperialists explorers who descended on our land from Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain and made sure our THOUGHT patterns reflected how they  had set us up and for those over 400 years we behaved to suit them. We have not done anything since 1957 that we became independent to  remove the SHACKLES of slavery, colonialism, imperialism and  that “Master-Servant mindset. What makes it more appalling is the fact after 65 years, the Ghana has refused to take their destinies into their hands to come up with any  compassionate, human centred caring and loving all inclusive mindset.

All these are DEEPLY imbedded in our BRAIN and we have come to accept that as a norm. Therefore Ghanamindset becomes the PARADIGM shift needed to draw us together and among other things  embracing the 21st Century mindset, otherwise referred to as the GROWTH MINDSET:(www.ghanamindset.com)  website is there for you the Ghanaian as the opportunity for you to  give express  contributions towards  issues confronting our dear motherland, Ghana. Ghana as a nation is vastly becoming noted for all the wrong things and it should no longer be  the duty of a few select leaders to move us forward. We believe it should be our collective will and responsibility to  make sure that as a country, we enjoy equity in the allocation and use of our resources such as land, which is very rich in  gold, bauxite, diamond, water, oil  just to mention but a few.

We lack infrastructural development in all sectors of our economy which  requires sustained and thought through  planning. Ghana deserves better than what has been  happening in piecemeal terms for the past 64 years of our independence. My major fear has been that for a long time, we  never witnessed  any comprehensive sustained policy on our national developmental agenda.

We at Ghanamindset.com believe our country has reached a stage where there must be a National Development Plan which will not be formulated by political parties but one agreed upon by all stakeholders including our Youth the mainstay of our nation,professional people, market women organisations, the faith institutions,our mothers and fathers as well as all interested parties in the land which means  that all sectors of our country should be consulted to make an input  or contribution into it.

I remember that in the past, Presidents appointed Experts to draw up Development Plans and all they do is to wind up when a new government is sworn into power, and a new one appointed and the spiral continues without those plans being used or implemented.

History has taught us that a country’s problem anywhere in the world is not solved by politicians but rather by  the  collective and the responsible will of the citizens of that nation. However  in Ghana, we have come to accept that it is  the politician who is the only important entity capable of solving our never ending national problems. Why we think like that bothers on insanity because Ghana is not on a different planet, we are part of the 195 countries in this world, which means, we should do things they way it is done in almost all these nations. When the WORLD, I mean those in the UN make collective decision to develop this universe, Ghana alone would choose the opposite. Sixty Three years, we are still behaving like kindergarten boys and girls locked up in a room. Confusion!

Some of us have come to appreciate the European system of decision making, which starts from the local level. The local councils are in charge of the affairs of the Cities, Towns, Counties, municipalities so that they know all the welfare issues confronting their communities and provide swift solution when problems arise unlike in Ghana that the President has to decide where people should stay,sleep,work, go to school and college  etc.,

We need to make strides as a nation, because throughout history no nation that produces gold and other mineral resources like Ghana should have the level of poverty our people exhibit. For a very long time we have mined gold, has anybody cared to find out: The volume exported, how much accrued out of it and how such resources have been used for our national development? What about how, for a long time CAST took all the diamond from Akwatia to the UK without any infrastructural development at Akwatia. The same will be  the case of the Gold mining areas, what has been the positive development in those areas? What has happened to the places where the bulk of our food supplies come from? Cocoa, timber,bauxite,manganese etc. have all been explored in parts of our country, can we say with conviction that there are traces of development in those areas?

Infrastructural development such as good road networks, railway networks, sea and river transport networks, port services, housing policy, are prerequisite for a country’s development but that has not happened in Ghana. As I speak we don’t have any comprehensive company law in Ghana the one we have in our books had been the Companies Act 1963 with  the Accountancy and Tax Institution quoting the UK Company Act of 1985, meanwhile,  the UK has amended it to Company Act 2010. How do we conduct business? On which law do we depend? Thank God, somebody listened to my call since 2011, Ghana now has Company Act (LAW) 2018. These and many other issues are at the core of this website.

You have the forum now, let us engage in intelligent discussion that will in the long run move our nation forward. Education has liberated the mind of many nations but it looks as if in Ghana, it is rather education which is at the forefront of all our problems, now is the time for us to use our level of education at our disposal for the benefit of the over 60% who are not as fortunate  like us to be educated, to liberate them from ignorance. This is your time, this is your forum, let us get to work by sharing our ideals on how best our country should be run.( Thank God, this too has changed as the new government of 2017 has embarked upon, universal Free Senior High School for every Ghanaian child)

Everyday, there will be a topic either sent to the editorial board by any individual or the public and we will all get involved by discussing it and will at the end of every discussion issue a communiqué, stating our stand on that issue. Let’s get Ghana talking: https://ghanamindset.com is waiting for your involvement in our nation building. Ghana belongs to us all and can’t fail the future generation by allowing selfish ambitions kill our lovely country otherwise posterity will judge us harshly.

 Talk Ghanamindset.com,we are your future, you working with us is the surest way to liberate the GHANAIAN MIND which was set in 17th century.