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Ghana’s Parliament,” Going Backwards And Becoming The Animal Farm”

Do not get me wrong when you see the above heading because you may be tempted to think it as misleading as the world hail Ghana as amongst the finest in Africa when it comes to parliamentary democracy. However, I am looking at it from a different angle. When we got independence in 1957 our first President Kwame Nkrumah said and I quote “Now the Blackman will be in control of their own destiny” end of the abridged quote. Our President saw us as the Black Star, he Kwame Nkrumah never said the Black Star of Africa but those MYOPIC people around him and the ever present Ghanaian Journalists who since independence have always thought first and foremost about their stomachs more than anything else, felt it would be better if the “WAR CRY” of the President of the word, “the Black Star” should refer to Africa. Our first President saw Ghana and for that matter the Ghanaian as the Black Star of the WORLD.

How can a STAR be black? Since creation nobody in their right frame of mind would ever say they had seen a star that is Black. The Cambridge University Dictionary defines STAR as follows: ” ….A large ball of burning gas in space that is usually seen from earth as a point of LIGHT in the sky at night” We have all known that when we talk of LIGHT, it can never have coexistence with DARKNESS. Wherever light appears, darkness must disappear…therefore our first President had the wish that the GHANAIAN who had been assigned the BLACK colour by our colonial master, must not accept that accolade but move beyond that definition which was made as sign of domination by the imperialist to make it possible for them to dominate and control us. In fact if you are a Ghanaian and you see yourself just as BLACK, then there should be something really wrong with your psyche

The Ghanaian is supposed to be the leader of the black race. It is not by accident but our first President wanted you and I to lead the way in the total transformation of the Black race. He envisioned a Ghana that everybody would be EDUCATED beyond the level the Imperialist colonial masters impedded our development. Being educated meant that, whatever the new found world of Japan, Canada,Ausralia,New Zealand and many others have reached, the Ghanaian would stand shoulder to shoulder in competition. The Black Star satrted to disappear immediately after the events of 1966, the period where the military overthrew Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana has failed to get a leader with any VISION to make us dream and be proud as the real Black Star of the world. We started brightly but as power got into Kwame Nkrumah’s head and he started his dictatorship encumbered on the proscription of all opposition activities in Ghana and the Detention without trial (The Preventive Detention Act), he sowed the discord that would obliterate all his visionary ideals.

Almost 65 years after our independence, we have had a set of people who never believed in our first President dream and vision that they are the Black Star. There came a set of people who were as visionless and blind as the worm. To them there is no GHANA but rather individuals staying on a land called Ghana which they do not owe any allegiance to but to a vehicle they manufactured, which is called Political Party. Quite recently, one of them called Sam Cudjoe said and I quote “As for me my allegiance is to the NDC first and foremost and then Ghana.” It is like a child forcing to say to the mother, I gave birth to you,Mommy.This individual is not alone, they are about 275 of them and though not all of them are bold as Sam Cudjoe to come out to say the same but that is basically, the thinking of most of them. Assuming you are looking for a Black Star to shine so that Ghana would shine, what would be their contribution? In the matured democracies, POLITICAL PARTIES are mere vehicles which a group of people in a country form with the purpose that it would make it possible for the group to come together with the same philosophy,idealogy and drive, to canvass and win political power to rule a nation. The irony is that, they all have ONE intention, to RULE a NATION. meanwhile, by their utterances, their ALLEGIANCE is to their political party.

The Ghanaian Parliament has become so over rated by the egos of the individuals in the assembly. To them Ghana owes them a living. To them the country most of them do not have any allegiance to is just a milk cow, producing all the milk they need to exist. Once they can squeeze the milk out of the MILK COW, what happens to the cow does not matter. These are self centred 275 indivuals, propelled to live by their speaker to the extent that you dare not TOUCH any of them because they are beyond REPROACH. The truth of the matter is for a long time, the citizens of this land had hyped some individuals so much that they think they can do whatever they like. In Ghana today, the number one social problem facing us is INDISCIPLINE. You may ask yourself where did that come from, well the answer is not any far,”DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM”, I know someone above,our wicked educated few, ….and the number one culprit, the Ghanaian Politician and where do we find the collective? The Chamber of Parliament.

Our speaker wants to tell us Ghanaians that we are all foolish to accept the Police Arrest or Police invitations to help them in their investigation when they suspect a crime. How on earth can the 275 people we have elected be insulated from crimes they may have committed. What then is equality before the Law? Speaker Aban Bagbin, your approach on the matter of Sosu and the Police is wrong and you are setting the wrong precedent and you must understand that the status quo your party started in 1993 had not helped in Ghana’s development. The Policy of turning the blind eye by looking the other way has never been healthy and it must not be countenanced or perpetuated by any group of persons irrespective of the stool they occupy. Leave the Police alone to do their professional jobs and stay in your parliament and do yours but educate the over indulged and pampered PARLIAMENTARIANS that the KING IS NEVER MIGHTIER THAN THE KINGMAKERS.

I should have concluded this article long ago but I was interrupted by the death of my younger sister so I paused to attend her funeral in Ghana. Lo and behold, these over indulged babies some of them with sharp teeth and others as brainless as the chimpanzee stoop so low to remove the SEAT of the Speaker of Parliament. When you live in a country where all the people are jokers, where 24hours is too short for the people to think or do anything substaintial or significant, where majority of them have FIXED MINDSET, where you hardly get anybody being honest with themselves let alone to the state. Where most of the people know nothing about HONESTY,DECENCY,PROFESSIONALISM and the respect for the rights of others, then you know, your institutions, the embodiment of the fundamental and dignity of society are evil and full of deciet. Giving hundred year and with these caliber of people at the helm of affairs when they are singing from different song books, we shall never shine. We are becoming like a cursed nation.

NPP and NDC cannot see themselves as Ghanaians? That they should be at each others throats not because one party wants to sell Ghana to another Imperialist? For our MPs to fight over our development? You see, for a long time in this country, the NDC had pretended to be the friends of the people but their history is never good at all on that. We credit Rawlings with Rural electricfication but even then, had it been any other country where the citizens cry for development instead of peanuts for the stomach, he should have done better. To be the SOLE administrator from 1981 to 1992, a period of 11 years? What about when the same person became the President of the land from 1993 to 2000? I want the NDC in parliament today to tell me one social intervention that has benefitted us all. They are burning down the Parliament house just because if they keep quiet,the Akufo Addo government would rake in enough revenue through E-Levy to develop Ghana. Who tells you they care for our national development?

The time has come for us all to rise up to challenge all those who are in Parliament to serve their political party agenda of playing to the gallery through lies and propaganda.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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