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The World “Stupidest” Tree Found in Ghana.

During creation God created the TREE of life and the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil and they were planted in the Garden of Eden, now Iraq, Genesis, 2-3 of the Bible. And as Satan always does, he copies what God has does and does the opposite of it so when he decided to make the STUPIDEST TREE, he decided to plant it in Ghana. Follow me as I take you to the location and why it is found in that location. The Covid-19 Pandemic has for the past two years caused havoc and devastation in the world population that nobody knows how and when it is going to end. What is a Pandemic? ” It is defined as a disease,prevalent over a whole country or the world” it means when there is a pandemic, it is not localised, like say malaria outbreak afflicating a village,town or city but rather,it is widespread all over a country or the world. To test if this definition is true, one needs to ask themselves if indeed, the PANDEMIC has found its way into their country? Can Ghanaians like the rest of the world say indeed, the current pandemic, which is called COVID19 is found in Ghana too. I am a Ghanaian born in a remote village at Sekyedomase sometime in 1952 and for my short stay on the planet, it looks as if we Ghanaian as our perception on issues are quite different from the rest of the world. I have been fortunate to travel and stayed with the Nigerian people,the Basotho (Lesotho),amaXhosa (Ciskei/South Africa),Afrikaaners, The Irish and now the English so at least, it makes it possible for me to compare and contrast the perception,reception,co-existence,tolerance levels……of sections of people of this world.

As a nation and as a people we are still grappling with the ideal of a nationhood. You wonder at times why we are so different from the rest of the world in how we perceive international and national issues and you wonder, but why is it so? There is nothing wrong that we are different because God did not create us as ZOOMBIES where we are not supposed to have our own MIND and BRAINS. However, when a whole society, made up of the men and women as found in the other parts of the world, begin to behave like KIDS, then we need to pause and take notice. Something is wrong.

Ghana something is wrong! Ghanaians something is wrong! What is wrong, which I cannot put my finger on is something all of us as a nation have to RISE UP and find it. Is there any part of the world that the CITIZENS would welcome foreigners, people who have their own countries they love some much that they would not trade it for anything, to come in, take few Cedis from them and lead them to our forests, set them on the forests to destroy them? Where in the world would so called Chiefs take money and sell a parcel of land to between THREE to Four people at the same time and sit comforatbly in their palaces as if nothing is wrong? Tell me where in the world foreigners enter a whole SOVEREIGN STATE with impunity and systematically destroy their land,rivers and streams just because we have handed over our Gold deposits to them?

Where on earth in this world would we have almost every PUBLIC OFFICES but the public officers who occupy them do so for their own benefits as if it is a business enterprises they themselves founded or set up? Why would they fail to do the national duty the Public Office is meant to be done? The saddest part is that when they decide to function or work for the STATE or Nation, you may have to BRIBE them before they discharge their duties? Without paying a BRIBE you would walk all over the ministries,government departments and office without anybody attending to you. Even when you have given them the BRIBE the type of service they will render, you would regret you were born. The worse offenders are our Nurses and The Police.There is no professionalism,empathy or any sensitivity in their VEINS at all.

Where in the World do Civil Servants work as partisan political party supporters? Where would you see the Police Service work to collect bribes and even to walk to the station to prefer a charge or when faced with public disorder, you may have to pay money before anybody attends to you. Tell me Ghanaians where on earth shall we have to FIGHT against the EDUCATION of our children, the future POSSESSION of our nation.

Ghanaians with the propaganda of the opposition NDC is strongly opposed to the education of the Ghanaian child. Why? An educated Ghanaian can see through their lies and propaganda so why should they allow that to work. Ever since the Policy was started there had been court case to challenge it. There have been many calls on Ghanaians to say it is not good for our nation. What is good for Ghana? Remain as a backward nation where we cannot read or write.

Tell me where on this earth would you get IMMIGRATION officials sit in the comfort of their offices and elect FOREIGNERS to man our borders for us? What do the Immigration officials do to stem the influx of foreigners without valid visas and documents to enter our land? They negotiate with these foreigners and in siome cases give them protection to use illegal routes to enter Ghana. How I wish we should disband this outfit which we use our tax monies to pay them but they end up selling our souls to foreigners. Where on earth??

The question is did Gpd forget to give us the THINKING faculties he gave to the rest of the world? It baffles me so much that at times I have sleepless nights thinking about Ghana and the Ghanaian. How we allow and promote only the negative,vile and stupid things as against those that build? Why do we use ONLY one faculty of the FIVE senses instead of working with all the FIVE as it is done in the rest of the world? The Only SENSE which is used extensively in Ghana is called, the SENSE of LISTENING/HEARING. We hardly SEE just because we are blind to READING…..The Ghanaian is the least curious and inquisitive person in the world and we never explore so we are always feeding on SECONDARY information and as such, we are never current on national issues. Nobody goes to where the RIGHT information would be but about 85% work on hear say-secondary information. How could a political party take a book and tell the people that “I HAVE CONSTRUCTED ALL ROADS IN GHANA”. The book was in the public domain for over a year but nobody came out to challenge the contents? The reason is simple: Since we like hearing as compared to SEEING with our eyes, the perpetrators, after printing the book, would go to their TV and Radio stations to feed the ever listening Ghanaians with the contents. To conclude, the Ghanaian presents themselves as peace loving,accommodating, hospitable and easy going and beneath all that is a person so ignorant and clueless as to what to do when confronted with a difficult and challenging situation. Our normal reaction is to talk and talk and argue over unnecessary things. Most of us feed on the STUPIDIEST tree satan planted in Ghana.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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