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Who Created The Ghanaian?

A beautiful country with all the beautiful landscape, rich forest growth, rivers streaming throughout the land from the North to the South, East to the West, any part of Ghana offers a multitude of geographical features, the human beings  in the West and developed would love to make billions out of. A land even foreign explorers called the Gold Coast. They saw and felt Gold even when they had not entered the sources of the Gold. Then,you move to  the  locations of this much valued minerals and you see abject poverty. You ask yourself but why?

The answers are bewildering. Ghana,the land of Gold? Why can’t they harness this Gold for the betterment of the citizens? Recently,Ajazella documentary featured a story of an Indian man who ventured into Ghana and within one  year, had accumulated a huge fortune of $6 billion. You ask yourself so these Ghanaians what sort of human beings are they? Are they created in the image of God as their number one loved book, the Bible tells us?  Were they also descendants of Adam? Did God really create the Ghanaian? It baffles my mind that you have 31million people supposedly created by God just like those of the rest of the world, but they have turned everything upside down.

The view of the over 8billion people of the global world, do things from upright but when you are in Ghana, opposite is the case. At times you wish God,the creator should revisit the creation of the Ghanaian.I am not courting any issues with God and  neither am I being blasphemous with God but the truth of the matter is that,we have borderline stupidity in Ghana and until the United Nations,of which we are a member, assemble renowned psychologists to assess the Ghanaian and tell us we have no borderline illness which bothers on stupidity,I can never be happy.

But Ghana why? Your country gave birth to the Independence of almost 40 other African countries. Your Independence in 1957 by your progressive leader, Dr Kwame Nkrumah and his famous speech at the old polo grounds: “Fellow Ghanaians at last,the battle is won and Ghana,your beloved country is independent. Freedom,from now on the African will chart it’s own course……. Ghana’s independence is meaningless until it is LINKED up with the total liberation of the African continent” and true to his words,within three years, Nigeria with all her huge population and all the West African countries are going to be independent.As at the time  of Ghana’s  independence on 6th Mar h 1957, only four African countries had their independence. Liberia had been created by President Monroe and the United States government as a staging post to bring back the freed slaves in America in 1847.

When Ghana gained her independence in 1957,only these countries had got their independence.  Remember,Ethiopia had never been colonised,Italy under Muzzoleni tried but failed. Apartheid South Africa in 1910,Egypt 1922,Libya 1951,Sudan 1956,Morocco 1956,Tunisia 1956. You  noticed how the progressive Kwame Nkrumah and all those of his era,the founding fathers could be countered amongst the human species created in the image of God. The men who had vision and foresight. They were not selfish and neither were they visionless and purposeless. They were willing to do the will of God,just like Moses in the Bible, they staked their lives, facing the bullets and the brutality of the imperialist colonial masters and their sophisticated weaponry.  At the peril of death, they fought to get Independence for Ghana and about 45 other countries in Africa.

Should Ghana be DERIDED this way? In the present day Ghana, you have 71% of the population who call themselves Christians.  They are not afraid to tell you they are followers of Christ. They do all that they are told to do by their leaders, and they do not mind in most cases, for these leaders to walk over them but that is where it ends. Out of the 71% percent professing Christians in Ghana, you will get less than 1% who practice their faith. They fill the stadiums when there is a crusade, the Church pews are filled to the rafters on Sundays.  They do not miss the dates set aside for all things that glorify God. That is where it ends. The Ghanaian never embraced the PRACTICAL part of the teachings of Christ. You hardly find anyone who practices what they are told from the pulpits of their Churches.

You ask yourself, so supposed I visit Ghana, where 7 out of anybody I meet is a Christian, then I am blessed to receive love, compassion, comfort, honesty, integrity and good service. It will surprise you what you will get. These 70% work in our Civil Service but they do not offer service,they offer you a fee and once you cannot pay the fee, there is no service. These 70% work in our State enterprise like Immigration,Border Guards, Customs Division,Ghana Police Service,Ghana Revenue Authority, Land Commision,Forestry Commission,Ghana Environmental Authority,Passport Office,Motor Traffic Authority and the most wicked human enterprise in Ghana,the DVLA. You hardly get any service from any Public Service provider in Ghana that money should not change hands. Nobody in Ghana is well remunerated but we get on with it but these PUBLIC  CORPORATIONS and Enterprises will tell you they are not paid well so you have pay for the service they are legitimately employed to do. Their output for each day is less than two hours of the contracted 7-8 hours a day.

The sad aspect of this is that the President knows, the opposition leaders know, parliament, Judiciary all the TOP echelons of power in Ghana know what goes on behind the scenes in Ghana but because we have all accepted such practices as a norm, we are forced to get on with it.

About 98% of all deaths in Ghana are SELF INFLICTED in the sense that somebody should be responsible. When we hear somebody has murdered another person either through stabbing, beating, gunshot or other means, there is total uproar in Ghana, but the question is, how about the mass murders that occur on our roads daily? What causes the ROAD ACCIDENTS? 99% are NON-ROAD WORTHY vehicles given the licence to ply our roads. We have a sector minister, we have the Roads and Highway Authority, We have Motor Traffic Division of the Police Service, We have the DVLA……all these agencies have a HEAD, somebody, representing the President of the land to make sure there is effective management of these agencies. We have PROFESSIONAL UNENCUMBERED Director Generals, given the supreme power to be overseers for these agencies and some are appointed for life and then the ministers, who are political appointees who do not have permanent tenure.  At times, I want to agree with all those who think we are a curse nation.

The Question is, if we are cursed, then who cursed us? How can God, the creator of all things and the creator of mankind decide to curse Ghana?  Yes, he destroys something he hates but throughout the Bible, I am yet to see the LAND He God CURSED apart from the curse on Ham and his descendants, the Canaanites, as recorded in Genesis 9:20-27. Should God curse us and still give us all the resources we are endowed with? However, if the word CURSE is upon any of us, then it is  the cause of our own wickedness against each other. Ghana presently has 16 regions and almost everywhere you go, you meet one thing in common with the GHANAIAN, Jealousy and Wickedness. We are a proud nation, but our pride works best if it is showing hospitality to a foreigner. There is no part of the world that you would get the citizens as welcoming as the Ghanaian towards the foreigner. The reason is simple: Whatever you as the foreigner gets out of Ghana, it is not going to stay or remain in Ghana because we hate PROSPERITY so, take it to your country, enrich your people and  because we cannot see it, we are fine.

In Ghana you dare not share your success with anybody.

In Ghana you do not need to celebrate your success and if you did, the next day, you would wake up to learn many adjectives on how you became successful, and they are bordering on the negative side. Show off and there is a long queue of those going to the SHRINES to get rid of you. Our attitudes and behaviours help those who wield power in our country because we are too carefree, free-spirited people who delight in easy life. We work best when there is somebody on our necks all the time “forcing” us to do something but any slack, you take off your eyes and supervision, you see us in the entertaining mood without any care.  You ask yourself, are Ghanaians any serious people or is Ghana a serious nation? How on earth would they open their borders to people with shady and questionable characters, who are nothing in their own countries, but they become cult heroes in Ghana. In our country today, the child in the womb knows very well that in 10 years today, we shall not have any river running through the land. We have turned fountains and streams into dry land, and we have entered into destructive agreement with China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Europeans and Australia and all those are nations with big populations and they have flooded our Forest Reserves.  Our Forests and Our Cocoa farms and for pittance to our traditional rulers, making sure that Ghana has no forest cover in the next ten years.

These are human beings.

Yes, they were all created by God.

They are not HYENAS, but they are acting like the hyena with the sole purpose to make sure in ten years’ time, Ghana would become a desert. As these nations plunder our resources, the few discerning minute minority face the wrath of the larger population. Any civilized society can never turn blind eyes to THE THIRD WORLD WAR BEING FOUGHT IN GHANA BY GHANAIANS AGAINST THEMSELVES.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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