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The Madness Of Those Who Wield Power In Ghana.

Twene Jonas is a young gentleman and I suppose once upon a time he sat down and in his quietness,saw that many things that could have been done and done properly in his homeland Ghana was not done. And even if anything was done at all you could not read any professionalism about it. He is fortunate for the moment to be in the States(USA) and he looks at how things are flowing, like an uninterrupted RIVER flowing from the North all the way to the sea in the South, which he could not find in his homeland, he wondered, but what is wrong?. He seems to be a passionate young man who I suppose knows in his heart that Ghana cannot be far from the USA in terms of development if the citizens of his homeland, Ghana, choose to do so. Psychologically, it is NOT easy to guage the extent of his frustration because it is not something scientific that we can put figures to but the most dishurting,discomforting and painful thing that goes on in the BRAIN is to see able bodied men and women in a country, called Ghana, with all the faculty of reasoning based on wisdom but who have refused to think or reason. This young gentleman’s sister said recently that. “My younger brother would lock himself in his room, listening to what goes on Ghana and most especially, when Honourable Kennedy Agyapong attacked the systems in Ghana on their inept and below the par performances”. “She went on if you have any problems with my younger brother, then ask, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong”

There are those who are cursing Twene Jonas under the pretext that he is disrespectful. That he is too young to be insulting or using unpalatable unprintable language against those in authority and the elderly. I am not happy he uses the type of language he uses because in Ghana, we have been brought up based on our traditions and customs that you never use those type of words and language against the elderly. I am a writer and it will be very difficult for me to have used those type of language against anybody in authority especially in the Ghanaian setting. As much as I wish the language used need not have been used, the question is, do we say Twene Jonas has said something, apart from his insulting language that is not true? Let us take out all INSULTS which can never and would never be acceptable by me or by majority of well mannered citizens of Ghana, majority of us are well behaved and respectful.

Ghana is an independent sovereign nation. When our FOREBEARS were fighting the imperialists for us to be independent, did we get any nation that came to our aid? When they entered our coast in 1471 and started treating us as animals did we get any help? When they built the Elimina Castle and saw us as nothing better than SLAVES and started selling us as slaves did we get any nation to come to our aid to stop it? We are going to be sold as slaves for the next 300 years. In 1752, when almighty Britain formed the Royal Trading Company to intensify their drive to gain access to our land, did anybody come to our aid? How about 1821,when the British started to seize private lands in the Coast to make it their property, did anybody come to our aid. Our forebears, who were not fortunate to be educated never relented, they fought and resisted and we all know when they the imperialist colonialist Britain extended their control to the NORTHERN part of the land, what they did to the Ashantis. We are aware of the powers that subjected us to total domination,abuseboth physical and psychological and they are the same people who have ECONOMIC control of our country.

We have GOLD deposits everywhere in the land, the question is who benefits from the Gold deposits? Is it not the same powers that traded us in as slaves only yesterday? We have been independent for the past 64 years, what have we done to the Gold Deposits. All the GALAMSEY gains , which destroys everything in its wake goes to the same FOREIGNERS. For every ONE CEDI they pay to the boys doing their GALAMSEY bidding, the MILLIONS go to these powers. We have become a nation that has refused to grow and one will never be wrong to say we are like RETARDED people. We see the destruction. We see the damage. We see the EXPLOITATION and we stand and watch as they LOAD THE PLANE AND SHIPS, taking the GOODIES FROM Ghana to their land. Don’t look far, Nigeria businessmen and women built Maryland,Ikoyi,Victoria through the Diamond minerals from Ghana. They had known even then that they could build DIAMOND MARKETING BOARD in Lagos and anyone who had DIAMOND to sell, you took it there to sell. What did we do at Akwatia? Those of you who have not been to Akwatia, it is in the Eastern Region and Britain built one of the biggest Diamond Mining Companies called, CAST (CONSOLIDATED AFRICAN STATE TRUST) hundred percent owned by the British and they took all the Diamonds to UK to develop their country. What did they do for the people of Akwatia? They built a hospital and bungallows for the “EUROPEANS” only use. Akwatia citizens could not attend the CAST hospital it was for the Whites and Europeans only. It was after 1966 before they allowed the Senior Staff of University of Ghana, ARS, Kumaning and Oil Palm Research Centre (Now Oil Palm Institute) Kusi to seek medical attention at CAST.

We say the same about Bauxite. We can say the same about Manganese,Iron,Timber and almost any mineral the EUROPEAN say they wanted to have in their land, we shall sheepishly take all to them in their homeland.

Twene Jonas cannot disguise his frustration because we should be countered among the DEVELOPED world based on what NATURE has given us but are we doing that? What do we get? We have since independence in 1957, allowed our animalistic instict determine our destinies. We have always stood on the side of the EXPLOITERS because they promise us MANSIONS and CARS. In most cases we TURNED the blind eye and help them to get away with whatever they want to take away. In MOST instances our own systems are helping whoever wants to CHEAT Ghana.

WHY and HOW do you find foreigners like the Chinese,Pakistani,Indian, Burkinabe,Nigerian,Ivorians and many others in our forests? What business have they got to be there? Our FORESTS? In most instance they have even gone as far destroying our FOREST RESERVES? Our forest reserves are like the CLOTHES we wear and for anybody to get all that close to the FABRIC of our existence, then I am not sure we are allowing Twene Jonas and some of the patriotic boys and girls any alternative but to speak a language that the perpetrators of all our problems would take note and listen. History has shown that in Ghana, nobody listens to anybody but when this young man stirred the hornet nest,people are agitated and instead of embracing whatever message this youngman is carrying, the concentration is about the LANGUAGE. Politeness and respect are not forced but earned and depends on how the adults in our society conducts carry themselves, he who demands respect must give in equal measure in the society and how they conduct and carry themselves. The truth of the matter is that those of us who WISH GHANA WELL are frustrated because everywhere you turn: THEY SYSTEMS ARE NOT WORKING. No system works in Ghana. The only system we are FORTUNATE to work so far in Ghana is our respect for :MALE AND FEMALE PUBLIC TOILETS. If we have leaders who think we should respect them just because they have titles and qualifications but they in turn do not accord the larger population the respect due to them, how can they turn around and be angry just because a frustrated young man is speaking his mind? Let s see seriousness in the Ghanaian given authority to perform a duty in any sphere of our lives to uplift us.

We live in a country that nobody cares to pay their TAXES. Those who pay Taxes are those on Government Payroll and have no choice because their taxes are taken at source. The Politician would not make any laws to make it compulsory for everybody to pay their TAXES because their business enterprises would lose part of their profits. The Police Service has refused to perform their professional function of PROTECTING LIFE and Property. They have become the MONSTEROUS institution that has perfected the art of CORRUPTION in the form of BRIBERY.At times one shudders to ask, Are the Police Depots meant to teach bribery and corruption? How about the Ghanaian Immigration Service? What do they do in Ghana? These are the people recruited and trained to make sure that No FOREIGNER should enter Ghana without the requisite VISA but today’s Ghana we have FOREIGNERS contolling Crime. For the first time in our history, we have Camerouns controlling the Vehicle Hijacking in Ghana. How did they get here? A fee of FIVE CEDIS would be enough for the Ghanaian Immigration Service.

What about the so called LAND Commission? What do they do? The only institution that sits down in their offices and grant LICENCES to all including FOREIGNERS. They work hand in hand with our TRADITIONAL RULERS, the so called custodians of our land. Ghana is a laughing stock because ALMIGHTY GOVERNMENT has no control of land. It is sad that in some communities you see the person controlling LAND does not know the ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL implications of their actions. A Chinese arrives from China, he is met at the Airport by a Ghanaian agent, who has facilitated his arrival as business associate, they get TWO bottles of Schnapps and a few Cedis.The are taken to the chief who controls that parcel of the Chinese wants to acquire, Nana calls the “AHENKWAA, they take the Chinese to the choicest land. It is done deal. Why? They have somebody at land commission who would do the rest. The SOUL of Ghana, just a few bottles of Schnapps. Are we serious?

Every discerning and patriotic person in Ghana, who is not a politician, who does work in the Civil and Public Service, and not working for a state institution or the traditional council is bitter because OUR LEADERS have let us down big time. The average Ghanaian, the unhibited, the unfortunate to be educated beyond graduate level are all crying for leadership in Ghana. The down trodden masses of our people are all bitter because we feel let down by our systems because none of them is working for the interests of the Ghanaian. They are all working for the INTERESTS of the perpetrators and their FOREIGN masters. We are locked in without any hope of any future. Making it worse is our winner take all political system. If you are in opposition, your surest way of coming to power is to destroy the GAINS made so far by the one in government. As we train the BRIGADE of destruction and sabotage, we are never going to march forward. We shall always remain at a standstill.

Ghanaians tell me what LANGUAGE can we use to address all those given the opportunity to SERVE us but who have refused to do but use our resources for themselves and their paymasters, the FOREIGNERS? What type of languange would you use for them to pay attention? We are all ONLY constained by our determination NOT to open our mouth.The anger and pain is over bearing and it is not easy being silent anymore. The fear is that we are bleeding determined young boys and girls who would not toll the line which has been set for society by the the corrupt induced traditions and our culture. These young boys and girls would call spade a spade and remove all the so called respects reserved for the aged. If society is going to be plunder,plunder and plunder to satisfy the insatiable apetites of the FOREIGNERS as Ghana bleeds to death, we shall all be very soon be using intemplate language as this young has resorted and remove all courtesies to those who wield authhority in Ghana because they have all failed our society.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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