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In the Boardroom of Heaven

God almighty, the creator of the heavens and the earth, I don’t mind what Darwin ever said about the theory of evolution, I know there is creation and there is no way I am a product of evolution and would never worry about what some spieces of this world evolved out of, so in this satirical work, there is board-room congress where the Almighty God ,the Omnipotent God,Jehowa- Nisi, I am that I am, is sitting in counsel with his beloved Son Jesus Christ and in attendance are all the Apostles and the arch-angels and angels and they are discussing Ghana.

As usual, Satan, the condemned foe of God almighty has appeared and as he does all the time, he has started his accusation as follows. “I told you never to give the land, Ghana any Gold but you would not listen, I said to you don’t make their land fertile and rich but you won’t listen. Do you remember “I said the Diamond, manganese, bauxite, the big rivers like the Volta,Pra,Ankobra,Birim and many others would not be utilised to Glorify you” but once again you went ahead and did it anyway. Do you remember when I came and complained about “River Densu” specifically? I said, if that river passed through any town, these people, who don’t care for your creation will pollute it to your dismay but God, you said it was right the river passed through towns. Have you seen that beautiful and historical river is polluted by the people? “

You said I like accusation when I demanded that give nations like Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana Rivers and the Ocean because they would have good environmental policies to look after your mighty ocean better than these people in Ghana but once again, God you refused to listen to me.

After stuffing the River Densu and others with refuse, they have turned their attention to the Mighty Ocean. Today the Sea has become synonymous with human waste. The whole of Accra has no sewerage and God, where do you think these Ghanaians you care so much for dump the human waste? You expect me to rejoice because they are doing my bidding but God; I am not enthused at all by their deeds because I have my agents under the sea so they are being choked.

“With all the years you have allowed them to govern themselves, they have failed to respect your commandment on how to nurture and look after everything that you created especially the environment, yet you still go ahead everyday providing them with whatever they ask”. They keep disturbing me that your WORD is all that they need so that whatever they ask in Jesus name you will do it and true to your word, that is exactly what you are doing. You know, I Like to accuse you all the time since I am an affront to your authority, but they have always proven me right. I was wandering on the land recently and I went to Sekondi-Takoradi and I saw that you have added Oil on top of all that you have given them already. God, you really love these people but I wonder why they have chosen Poverty as against the Prosperity you promised them in Jeremiah 29:11. “I know the plans I have for them, plans to prosper them but not to harm them. Plans to give them hope and a future” but as I continued my journey in all the ten regions and the over 200 districts, majority of these your children are clad in my clothes- of Hardship and Poverty. I am happy because they have confirmed my command to them to pay you lip service by not activating the blessings in the above text.

It will interest you to know that for every soul that is won for Christ, I am able to gain the remaining nine coming to my camp. I am presenting to you today what I have been able to achieve with these people who you think adore and worship you. I saw most of them on Friday in the Mosque worshipping you and then on Saturday, there were those who obeyed your Sabbath and rested and praised your creation on that day and then on Sunday, I saw majority of them, those devoted to the death and resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ praising and worshipping you. I was amazed so on all those three days, I was down cast because it was a long time since I visited their Mosque and Churches, I have delegated these to my agents and since all is well in my camp, I have not bothered to look at their reports. I decided to follow most of them after they left the Mosque and Churches and I cannot express my delight of what I saw. As soon as they had removed their Praises and worshipping attires, they joined us in pubs, beer bars, shrines worshiping our men and women prostitutes and they indulged in almost everything they were told not do to make you angry in the mosques and churches. I am really proud of my achievement because it is very good you created these people in Ghana, they are really the right blend of subjects helping me develop my kingdom. God, but why am I saying all this to you, I am saying this because you understand me more than anybody else. They say you hate me, but they forget that I draw all the permission I can get from you before I can do anything. I am in a more privileged position than these people in Ghana because I have already tasted your wrath and I know my final destination that is why I am working very hard to win as many souls as I can among them to my side and they are helping me to succeed.

Do you remember the heated argument I had with you before you granted them independence in 1957? They are always proving me right. I told you that any leader at all you will choose for them, I will make sure their HEART will be far from you. You are a perfect God and I know that, but because I disturbed man in the Garden of Eden to obey me instead of you, it is the same thing I have done with this nation. I have made them like a ship without a Captain and bit by bit they are sinking. I hated what you did for those people in the so called “First World” or Developed countries since the day they accepted your ordinances which their forefathers bequeathed to them and they embraced EDUCATION and all its FACETS, they have been able to wean their mind off most of my plan of controlling that mind.

However in Ghana, I am succeeding unimaginably? It is simple God, I have since 1957 allowed the few intellectuals who benefitted from the free education of their first president to use education as the number one weapon to make many millions blind. I have turned Ghana into a CLASS Society and in order for anybody to succeed, it is no longer on merit, but whom you know in society. In this way, like a sieve, I am able to relegate all the intelligent and wise people in the society to the background. They may be wise but because they have not tasted any FORMAL EDUCATION as they call it in Ghana, their views are not tolerated in society. Again, I have deliberately pegged everything in the country on education so that it will always be the children of the families I have chosen who will hold positions of trust in the country and by so doing, I am denying those you have blessed to succeed to fall on the way side just because they lacked the needed education to hold any office. Your word says when you bless, nobody can take it away but I have a subtle way of denying them. I know of many instances that your Angels came all the way from heaven to bless your chosen ones but they were busy doing corruptible things for me in my camp. I have planted a mighty TREE called corruption and God you need to come down yourself to see how they have queued to pick it’s contagious FRUIT. Oh, God, I am enjoying my life in Ghana because to them, Corruption comes naturally.

I became alarmed the moment the war I started in Nigeria stopped and their leaders decided to embrace EDUCATION as the number one policy to liberate the people. I knew immediately that, Ghana would intensify the gains they had made until then by putting more resources into the education sector so God, what did I do? I said to myself that there is no way this bright nation, full of educated and intelligent people be allowed, from now on I will give them visionless leaders who would attack anything education . God, I succeeded, I sent many of the educational providers like teachers and inspectors to Nigeria to teach in their schools and I let these leaders I have appointed for Ghana to use that as an excuse not to expand education. The records are there for all to see, throughout the 1980s and the 1990s, you could see that Ghana never expanded or equipped the educational institutions to maintain the progress they had made in the past. I made sure educational standards fell consistently.

Have you forgotten that for a whole year I shut down the universities in the 1980s, I allowed those institutions to be turned into conference halls and I personally saw to it that they were vandalised.

May I tell you one thing I have done which will never let Ghana benefit from the gains those in the developed world made from Education? I have placed my own wicked, insensitive and very corrupt academics at almost all the educational institutions of higher learning and the only command I have given them is that they must make sure the only people who succeed in life in that country are the children from privilege background. In the field of science and technology I have instructed these academics: Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, faculty officers, head of departments, registrars, to make entry requirements very stringent and entry must be based purely on whom you know and how much privileged people in society can offer. In effect you will come to appreciate that most of the time it is not the bright pupils but according to my dictates, putting square pegs in round holes and it is working as the prospective brilliant and academically bright pupils roam the street. Their opportunities traded off, to make only those who can climb my “Corruption Tree “and are able to pluck the riches of the tree can go forward.

Ghanaians, by the way, you have made them are very humble and peace loving and that suits me a lot. They are very easy to work with and any society that is like that is easy to manipulate. I have made them love two things; I have skewed their understanding by turning it upside down for Ghana. They love the educated people too much and in some cases they even worship these people in the society but God, I am proud to say these elite, educated people do not reciprocate. They instead take that as stupidity on these poor masses who know nothing about reading and writing so they pump so much IGNORANCE into them on daily basis.

The second blindness I have afflicted them with is their love for the stranger. God, I don’t fault you at all, you gave them all the qualities that great nations are made of but at the sametime,I always show up to give them a different interpretation. The Ghanaian has become so stupid about money that if a stranger asks them to give them Ghana for money, they would sell it to them and become the slave of the buyer. They are proud to shout to you every day that they are proud to be the Black Star of the world but they are never proud to own anything that is made in Ghana. Do you know that the fertile land you gave them produce almost everything but they will wait until foreigners come and take those stuff so cheap, take them overseas, dress them in labels and bring them back to Ghana and sell to these your Ghanaians at higher prices?

When you gave them independence and I saw how determined their first president was, I knew straight away that in future they would open the Airwaves like Britain did by opening many BBC stations which became catalyst for education in that country. I knew in the near future, Ghana will go that route so when the late 1990s, they started the FM Radios, I was over-joyed. I immediately allowed them to open more stations for anti-social and anti-developmental purposes. Today, Ghana has more radio stations than any African country but what are the gains? They have turned them into battle grounds waging relentless war against themselves. All the public office holders have moved their offices to the FM Stations and for every 24 hours you give them, their ministers, educators, parliamentarians would spend about 18 of those hours at these FM stations preaching hatred, greed, profanity and inciting the youth against perceived opponents. I have allowed them to perfect the art of PROPAGANDA, when I started sending people to Russia, Cuba and all the communist countries you did not stop me because you trusted these Ghanaians who are very competent in LIP worship than HEART worship. Those training have had the effect I wanted. If you walk in the streets of Ghana, you hardly see any TRUTHFUL person. In today’s Ghana, LIES and Pure propaganda is almost like the food everybody eats. You told them that the LOVE of money is the root cause of all evil but I introduced a different concept by using your own words: God wants you to prosper at all cost. To the Ghanaian, prosperity means kill everybody until you are the only RICH person. Infarct, they are killing in all shape of form both physically and psychologically. Thank me, Satan, I am working.

God, I am enjoying myself in Ghana a lot. I am always killing these people on their own Motorways and Highways but it looks as if they enjoy it. They don’t hold anybody accountable. In the developed world, every single death I cause is investigated but almost every month, I kill about 220 people on the Ghanaian roads and all they do is to take the corpse to the mortuary and make a big party which they call funeral. In some cases the corpse would be in the mortuary for over 2 years inflicted. The Ghanaians have this stupid attitude when it comes to death. In death they love the dead person more than they were alive and they don’t mind going to the WORLD BANK to borrow money to send the dead person off. I deliberately did this to them to show defiance to you because if show love among themselves they can overcome the entire little ailment I use in killing them. I have made sure about 90% of the deaths are preventable, that in Love they could avert, but I have blinded them from your word on that. God, even though I am evil, at times I pity you that fine people you created in your own image and clothed with your wisdom could respect and treat the dead kinder than the living. Once I know they like the dead more than the living that is why I am killing them all the time and will continue until the day your Son will come again to stop me.

I have made Corruption the very cancer that is making it possible to win more souls to my kingdom. I have so many tricks for doing this. At every level in the Ghanaian society, those who suffer most are those who know nothing about education because I have made them so ignorant and non-interested in anything important. The longest statement they can pronounce on any national issue is: You know I cannot read or write, end of story. The second group of people who suffer most are those without peers, family members, connections of any kind or friends in position of trust. It is whom you know, one may have the best educational qualification on earth but if that person wants to succeed on merit, God, unless they have contacts it will never happen-it is Whom you know. God you see I am clever, the more this nation has moved her hearts away from you and continues to do my bidding, FOREIGNERS will allow them to possess political power but they, foreigners will continue to rule the ECONOMIC part of this your beautiful country.

They love money more than they profess to love you, God.

God dismisses, Satan and God the father, Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit and all the hosts of Angels are still working feverishly to help the Ghanaian to have a 21st Century Mindset.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.


  1. billige Brautkleider

    I do not usually answer posts but I am going to in this case, great information?- I will certainly bookmark your site. Keep up the good operate!’s a Also, I have shared your website in my social networks! post.

      1. Chief Editor Kofi

        Your comments are appreciated. We have only one Ghana but the obstacles and stumbling blocks are many. About 99.9% of all our problems are self inflicted but instead of unity to solve them, we have a monster of mentality that glorifies personalities instead of institutions capable of stemming the corruption eating our society alive.
        Thanks once again.

    1. Chief Editor Kofi

      Your comments are appreciated. We have only one Ghana but the obstacles and stumbling blocks are many. About 99.9% of all our problems are self inflicted but instead of unity to solve them, we have a monster of mentality that glorifies personalities instead of institutions capable of stemming the corruption eating our society alive.
      Thanks once again.

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