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Open Letter To The Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament.

Dear Mr Speaker,

Thank you so far for the effecient and effective way you are handling the duties of the Speaker of Parliament, you deserve that position, more especially for your contributions in that august house all the years you were there as an MP and the sterling role you have played in the Fourth Republic. Though, I am not a member of the NDC, you are one person I respect and admire and how I wish you will carry on unhinged. The purpose of this open letter is to make a contribution as to the Petition some disgruntled citizens of Ghana sent to you on the banking crises of few years ago.

Mr Speaker, Ghana every four elect representatives to go to parliament to represent our views and interests. They become our voice to speak to matters that affect our THREE cardinal NEEDS: Clothing over our bodies,Food and Shelter and this is so because we as a nation have chosen to be ruled by democratic principles based on the Fourth Republic constitution. Whenever there are issues in the various communities, like we need government assistance and help, the constitution prescribes that we go through our DIRECT representatives to make those known to the government. In order for our government to play its fiduciary role of making sure every Ghanaian is protected,clothed,fed and housed and many other forms of our needs, our representatives, Members of Parliament have to make the right laws to safeguard us. It means that each CITIZEN of Ghana speak to our public officers through our MPs. Furthermore,as our direct representatives, individuals too can speak to our MPs if there is a situation we would like to see it changed. Dr Kwabena Dufuor and Mr Kofi Amoateng and others have petitioned the Parliament through you.

My question is: The Constitution of Ghana, in its bill of Right, constructed the separation of Powers. To me as a layman, my understanding is that, there are THREE ARMS of Government in Ghana. The Executive,The Legislature (of which you are currently the leader as the speaker) and The Judiciary. The framers of the constitution had in mind that if this was not done, because our politicians are always power drunk, the Executive would assume the role of all the other arms and the country will become a defacto, authoritarian or autocratic.

Now in your role as Law makers, so far you have not entertained many private member bills or private citizens bills but the government in power bring you bills of what it intends to do for the time under consideration and you make sure you make the necessary LAWS to make those activities possible. In effect, our representatives in parliament are LAW makers. The Judiciary are there to make sure the LAWS you pass are interprated to us through the COURTS. In a democracy, these are the only channels open to the citizens to seek reddress if they feel, the STATE is eroding their rights. Yes, Mr Speaker you have over SIGHT rights over government activities and its institutions. Our Parliament, always fights for the RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS of the state. As an institution, you do not encourage aggrieved persons to come to you to seek reddress. In cases where your ELECTORS, we those who voted for you to be in parlaiment have issues, your advise to us privately and in the developed countries, we meet you in your constituecy offices, where you hold meetings or clinics for your constituents but should you as individuals support us when we are wronged you do that in your individual capacities.

Dr Kwabena Dufour and Mr Kofi Amoateng have their cases before our courts. At the sametime the Receivers appointed to deal with their assets and liabilities are there and these people can deal with them. You are allowing yourself to be drawn into a matter that is before our law courts, by appointing a committee to do what? Are you telling Ghanaians that the TAX payers money of over GHC19billion used to safeguard the various customers interest is null and void? Mr Speaker, what precedent are you setting? Why is that in Ghana we always want to change the NORM and make own “NORMAL”? Why did Ghana join the United Nations to be bound by INTERNATIONAL and UNIVERSAL rules and regulations? Why can’t we put partisanship aside and address petinent issues based on the FACTS of the matter? Your stance on this matter and your invitation to them to bring forth this matter before you and the parliament of Ghana is wrong and you are setting a wrong precedent and for once let us go beyond NPP vs NDC positions and tackle NATIONAL issues based on the rule of law, where the courts are there to address any mistreatment meted out to our citizens. Make your laws and let the court do the interpretation.

Hope you will make sense out of this my frustration.

Editor in Chief-Ghanamindset.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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  1. Kofi Owusu-Ansah

    We are more than encouraged by those taking time to read the pieces we have been writing. We have one and one indivisible Ghana. We were Ghanaians before NLM,UGCC,UP,CPP,PP,NAL,PFP,PNP,NPP,NDC…before all these political parties were born starting from 1947,we already had a nation, whether it was the Gold Coast or Republic of Ghana, they gave birth to political parties.
    What are Political Parties? They are movements formed by citizens of a country to use as a vehicle to help win elections to serve the nation.
    A citizen’s Allegiance? It should always be to the NATION, which means we should LOVE our country more than any other thing. Without our country we are NATIONLESS. We should be Patriotic to our nation at all times. Nobody in their RIGHT SENSES would LOVE any woman more than their MOTHER.
    Is it WRONG for Ghanaians to love Political Parties more than THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA? It is absolutely wrong and any citizen who can love their political party more than Ghana, do not deserve any rights in Ghana.

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