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When People Are Dying! Letter From Europe III

In Europe today things have started to settle down after the  Economic turbulence of the past few years. Though Spain, Portugal and few power houses are struggling, Great Britain has registered persistent economic growth so hopes are very high for the anticipated Economic growth forecast the past three years. Only last week the government reported that the spending spree of about  £5 billion in up market, Oxford Street, bodes well for the nation and Europe. Germany and France are doing well too.

The major problem facing Great Britain and other major powers is the Chemical attack that took place in Syria over the week. There had been arrest of the attack of a young lady who was struck down and her friend during her birthday celebration. She died but her friend is still in critical condition hoping to make full recovery. In Europe politics is big business because every step taken by governments is under scrutiny. Governments have to explain every economic, social, health, educational, transport … call it anyway you like it but, every action taken must be explained.

In Europe, where we in Ghana copied democracy from,one does not take a decision without explaining why it was taken. Communities have to gauge the impact of the decision on their lives and because of that they respect the governed. There, the politicians are not reckless in their pronouncements, they do not talk anyhow and they do not “hallow” worship anybody,no matter your office.

I wonder why in Ghana we have chosen all the wrong things and we spend almost  the whole 24 hours of our day on those. As I am writing so many lives have been lost on Ankobra river and only God knows what the Transport Minister has said about it. I am not sure if  they are  even aware of the accident. There was a Puma crash last Saturday in the UK and of the four people who lost their lives, one was locked in the helicopter under the sea but the navy and rescue team  never slept until the body was retrieved. The Puma helicopters have all been groundered until full investigations are conducted as to the cause of the accident. Could that happen in Ghana?

To the Ghanaian politician and especially those in government, the Ghanaian life is only important when they stand in the long queues ready to vote to give them power to rule. They see us as nothing  else but people with low  esteem, who do not know our right from left and wherever they push us,we will follow. Is there any point for the government that is elected to help better our lives would always like to sow seed of hatred  amongst us so that we tear ourselves apart? The case of Sammy Awuku makes me feel like we are not prepared to live together. Why should somebody even think of creating trouble for another when we are one people with common destiny?

Ghana has not yet benefitted from democracy and until such a time that we started the “TOYI TOYI” in South Africa in Ghana, it was very heart warming when the people of Ashiaman took the authorities on demanding better roads, and I think it is time we spoke in that language to those who govern us. If we do not we shall always have politicians who are not ready to do what they are elected to do. Governing Ghana is the easiest job anybody at all can do because almost all of us are cowards  and as cowards always do: “They are strongest when nobody is looking, cowards fail to confront issues so they speak behind a person’s back,they are good at praising wrong doing and are always ready to cheer you on even though they know in their hearts that you are doing the wrong thing”.

Through our history, I have come to admire three honourable persons: Yaa Asantewaa stood up to the white British Colonial powers when men were in the beer bars and palm wine bars drinking. She was able to summon troops to fight against the imperialists even though she knew the consequences. Kwame Nkrumah broke ranks with the conservatives in the NLM who were still waiting until the second coming of Christ for us to get our independence. At the cost of his life, General AA Afrifa confronted Kutu Acheampong against his Unity Government referendum. When all Ghanaians had kept quiet, he organised the Suame magazine mechanics in Kumasi against the good for nothing Acheampong. Ask Rawlings why he killed him. He saw him as the only person who would not give the free ride he had  all those 19 years, only God is the judge of the positives of it.

As long as we want to dress like the whiteman, talk like the whiteman, eat like the whiteman but would not copy the good and uplifting things about the whiteman, we shall continue in this black skin in the dark and allow the few privileged educated but not wise to control us like robots.

Started Ghanamindset in 2011 purposely to help our Ghanaian society have a better view of appreciating that mediocrity has never built and develop any nation. We have this layback attitude that we always think,when something is going wrong, " I am not responsible to fix it". There are many instances that we could have applied common sense to tackle a situation but our laissez-faire attitude would let us walk past unconcerned. Born and educated in Ghana in 1952 and currently living in the UK.

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